Pictured: Lydia Luce plays viola while sitting in a camper van

Session #5 - Lydia Luce

This Westy Session features Lydia Luce (with Zach Torres) performing “Blue Ocean.”

Lydia is an independent folk singer/songwriter/violist originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She graduated from Berklee College of Music and, most recently, from the graduate program at UCLA. As a violist, she has performed with artists such as Willie Nelson, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, and many others. Her music is rooted in family, love, life, and spiritual experiences.

We hope you enjoy this Westy Session as much as we do! If you have the opportunity to see her play live, we strongly encourage you to do so!

We invite you to check out more of Lydia's work here: www.lydialuce.com.

You can check out of Zach's work here: www.zachtorresmusic.com