Session #58 - MusiKaravan

Session #58 - MusiKaravan

This Westy Session features MusiKaravan performing alongside their 1971 VW Bus.

Produced by Delirium Musicum, MusiKaravan is a project to showcase great music, delicious food and wine together with human bonding. Its goal is to celebrate the people who are “working hard to feed us physically and emotionally with quality products."

At the heart of Delirium Musicum is the desire to bond with the audience, bring joy, inspire and impact people’s emotions through music. MusiKaravan is designed to make music a traveling force, one that brings people together to share in something that is truly magical.

Etienne and YuEun have been living out of their vintage Volkswagen Bus and performing socially-distanced concerts for farm workers, winemakers, random passersby, and even the occasional ostrich!

Etienne, Artistic Director of Delirium Musicum, regularly performs with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall and at the Hollywood Bowl. He has recorded a solo album on a Stradivarius from 1714, performs internationally, and was featured on Leonard Cohen’s last album.

YuEun, an international competition winner, performs around the world and has a YouTube channel boasting over 5,000,000 views.