2.1 Cooling Hose Kit

Works With:1983-1991
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket

Requires some hand & power tools and minimal mechanical knowledge.

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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

This is a complete rubber cooling hose replacement kit for 2WD Vanagons. This kit does not work for 4WD Syncro models.

In most cases, this hose kit is a direct replacement, and installation is the reverse of removal. As such, we do not include complete step-by-step installation instructions. Please read our installation tips PDF, and have your Bentley shop manual handy. Or, have this kit installed professionally.

Fits: All 1986-1991 water-cooled 2WD Vanagon models, and 1983-85 1900cc cooling systems that have been updated with our 2.1 Cooling System Conversion Kit.


Coolant Elbow: As of November 2020, this kit includes our Aluminum Coolant Elbow and Hose Kit instead of the OE style 025-121-058M.

Coolant Junction: This hose kit is designed to work ONLY with coolant junction part number 251-121-438B. This is because the -130B hose, which mates to this junction from the right head, has a longer sweep and is more reliable and resistant to damage from engine vibration than the -130A hose, which mates to the other two junction options (-438 and -438A). Both of these other junctions have the input nipple positioned inboard of the location of the -438B junction (see additional photos for a visual representation of this difference). If your junction does not look EXACTLY like the one pictured above or if the junction is old or of unknown age you MUST purchase a new 251-121-438B junction. 

-058G Oil Cooler Hose: This hose is no longer available in the proper dimensions; however, this one works perfectly fine and still seals well. The end of the hose that connects to the metal pipe running to the water pump is marginally oversized (1mm), but seals nicely on the barb and deforms under the clamp to make a good seal. Thousands of these hoses with the slightly-oversized end have been operating leak-free for years in other words, they work.

Coolant Pipes: This cooling hose kit is designed to work with either the original plastic coolant pipes that run front to rear or the GoWesty stainless steel coolant pipes. If your Vanagon still has the original plastic pipes, we strongly recommend replacing them with a set of our stainless steel pipes. If you decide to ignore that very sound advice, you should definitely add one of our pipe repair kits. If you are currently running our stainless steel pipes, you will need to modify one of the hoses in this kit (025-121-062E). This is because our stainless steel pipes include one of the bends contained on this hose. The modification is simple and clearly evident: Just cut off the unnecessary bend in the hose and proceed with installation.

Automatic Transmission Cooler: This cooling hose kit is designed to eliminate the plumbing between the cooling system and the original coolant/oil cooler mounted on the front of the transaxle. If your Vanagon has an automatic transmission, it was fitted with this cooler to which coolant is currently plumbed. Our kit DOES NOT support this stock cooler these coolers are notorious for failing internally, thus allowing coolant into the transmission and oil into the cooling system, which will ruin both your transmission and every single hose in your cooling system. Our VERY STRONG recommendation is to install our air/oil external cooler kit, which will eliminate this possible failure. NOTE: In a pinch, you can drive your vehicle without plumbing to the original coolant/oil cooler. However, we do not recommend driving your vehicle for extended periods, while heavily-loaded, or up major grades, as that will adversely affect the life of your transmission. However, it is drivable until you can get the proper, highly-recommended GoWesty external air/oil cooler installed.

Bleeding Your Cooling System: We now offer a simple tool to bleed your cooling system, which you'll need to do after all of these hoses are installed and coolant is added back into the system. Please see our Cooling System Pressurization Pump Kit. 

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Handy — Requires some hand & power tools and minimal mechanical knowledge.

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Handy — Requires some hand & power tools and minimal mechanical knowledge.

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