Fuel Tank Re-Seal Kit [Syncro]

Works With:1986-1991
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
Restock ETA: August 02, 2024

Requires professional-level tools, talent and experience.

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$304.44 - $314.44

Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

This is a complete, thorough fuel tank re-seal kit for your Vanagon Syncro (4WD). The installation of this kit requires the complete removal of the engine and transmission of the vehicle. This kit is for expert/professional installation ONLY.

Kit includes: All hoses to replace the feed and return lines out of the tank, the T-connector in the vent line, our unique stainless ear clamps, AND the two Viton-crafted gaskets needed to re-seal the sending unit. Vapor tank grommets not included, see "Notes" tab.

Options: We offer this kit both with and without the in-tank return line. We HIGHLY recommend that you replace it if you have not already purchased this fuel hose by itself or with our Sending Unit Service Kit .

Fits: All Syncro models, including single and double cab trucks.

GoWesty does not include the grommets or vapor control valves at the top of the vapor tanks for the following reasons:

1) These are located at the top of the vapor tanks and are not subject to coming in contact with liquid fuel, just fuel vapor, therefore it really has nothing to do with the common fuel leaking issue for which this kit is designed to address

2) The vent valve is made from a material that gets very brittle over time, making it almost impossible to remove either the hose from it, or it from the grommet and vapor tank without destroying the valve, so it is better left alone

3) In order to get to these items, one has to remove the vapor tanks—which is an entirely separate job from re-sealing the fuel tank, and can be done at any time as a separate project, if/as needed so there is no duplication of effort

4) The two hoses that connect at the bottom of the vapor tanks are subject to liquid fuel, and should be replaced, these are included in our kit as is everything else that is typically needed to fix the fuel leak issue in a Vanagon

5) These two hoses can be replaced without removing the tanks. If you are having this kit installed professionally, the time and money saved by not removing the tanks/valves can be considerably high.

6) The tanks rarely go bad because, unlike the material that the valves are made of, the material the tanks are made of is much tougher

Special note: Our kit utilizes ear clamps, which are far superior to traditional screw-on clamps—they don't cut into the fuel line, they provide even force around the circumference of the hose, and they won't loosen like screw-type clamps.(Installation requires a pair of Oetiker pincers, sold separately.) We also use the more expensive smooth 7mm German hose, not the cloth-braided stuff—it is equivalent to the highly-touted "30R9" U.S. spec fuel line, and it is lined with a fluoroelastomer compound that significantly reduces the permeability of the hose, and it has a much higher resistance to today's aggressive fuel blends.

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