GoWesty Driveshaft Decoupler Kit [Syncro]

Works With:1986-1991
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

This driveshaft decoupler is what every Syncro should have been equipped with from the factory. In fact, every Syncro was supposed to come with one, but for cost saving measures (we think) the design was abandoned in favor of the Audi designed all-wheel drive "viscous coupler" approach. Full time all-wheel drive is great, but completely unnecessary for a great majority of Syncro owners. This driveshaft decoupler allows the driver to select between 2WD and 4WD on the fly at any speed via a dash mounted knob. It reduces unnecessary wear on the drive-train and tires and improves the ability to perform tight turns on dry surfaces. Put the choice back in your hands, and get a decoupler. Check out our related article here.

This decoupler kit works with any Syncro transaxle with or without the factory rear locking differential. The kit installs in roughly four hours with simple hand tools, and comes with complete detailed instructions for the job.

Additional parts required: This page is for the decoupler only. You will also need to purchase a Knob & Switch Kit regardless of whether or not your Syncro is equipped with the optional, factory rear locking differential and switch console.

Do you have the factory-equipped rear locking differential?

• If your Syncro is equipped with the factory rear locker and locker console, please also buy the additional bulb you will need for the console. A

• If your vehicle is not equipped with a factory rear differential lock, you will also need to purchase and install the vacuum system to operate the decoupler.

This product is proudly manufactured in the USA by GoWesty and features a limited lifetime, non-transferrable warranty on parts and workmanship.

• A 17mm combination box and open end wrench
• Two (2) 13mm combination open and box-end wrenches
• Ratchet with 13mm & 17mm sockets, short and medium extensions
• Phillips screwdriver
• Pliers
• Drill or Dremel tool
• Soft hammer
• Two large jack stands (six ton works well) and wheel chocks
• Floor jack
• Work light
• Transmission Gear Oil (75x90) 5 quarts 
• Flange sealant (We use Wurth Flange Sealant, part #0893574050)
• Fluid pump or squeeze bottle with spout and short hose
• Oil drain pan
• Transmission drain and fill plug tool (17mm male allen socket)
• Solvent, contact cleaner, rags
Bentley Service Manual highly recommended

A bit more backstory: The decoupler option was never offered widely by Volkswagen. There have been a few different aftermarket manufacturers of these over the years. Some of the designs out there are almost exact copies of the original VW design. Our GoWesty design is the result of much experimentation on our own vehicles over the years; it is a culmination of our practical experience and our engineering background. The GoWesty design is very simple—which ensures reliable service at a very reasonable price. We have invested our money in areas where it needed to be invested—not for stuff that isn't necessary. For example, every drive flange we use has been meticulously cleaned, then machined—so the driveshaft coupling is guaranteed to be true. There is nothing worse than introducing a new feature in your vehicle only to have a new problem come along with it. Another example of an included feature (which is a product of experience) is an added bushing between the decoupler shaft and pinion shaft that allows for safe rear wheel spin without damage to the decoupler or pinion shafts. However, this DOES NOT mean you can tow your Syncro on the rear wheels, or run it on a rear wheel dynamometer where the rear wheels can spin relative to the front wheels for extended periods. THIS MUST BE AVOIDED. Read more about towing your van here.

A core charge is a deposit until your old parts are returned and inspected.

There is a $1500 core charge that will be refunded upon the return of your transaxle's complete output housing assembly, consisting of this main components and the value for each:

$500 Main shaft
$250 Coupling sleeve
$250 Driveshaft drive flange
$750 Cast aluminum housing
$1500 If no core is returned

If any of these items are missing, these are the deduction values. When all items are returned, you have a 95% chance of receiving a 100% refund.

To return your core, please visit our return portal. Enter your order number and postal code, and choose core return to receive an RMA and return instructions.

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