What makes the GoWesty Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit different than other kits on the market?

The GoWesty ATF cooler kit is a complete and well-crafted kit that works. The following features make the GoWesty kit superior to that of the competition:

Cooler selection:
 This is the most important aspect of any cooler system, of course. Most shops will select a "high efficiency" type cooler, which is not correct in many cases. The mistakes comes from the lack of understanding of what the term "efficiency" means. The efficiency of a cooler is the measure of its capability to dissipate heat compared to how much space it takes up. This term leads most shops (especially if there isn't a solid engineering background) to choose the wrong type of cooler for a particular application. High efficiency oil coolers are commonly known as "Earls" or "manifold" coolers. The typical automotive coolant radiator is an example of a high efficiency cooler. This type of cooler requires careful attention to the direction of air flow, and it will work efficiently only if the air flow is strong and direct. That is why automobile manufacturers go to great lengths to make certain that the coolant radiator is entirely shrouded; also, in this example, there is a strong coolant fan working. Where space is critical—and air flow can be carefully controlled—the high efficiency cooler is definitely the way to go. That is the case in this particular application: The cooler we have selected is designed for passive heat dissipation, and the widely spaced fins are oriented to maximize the natural air flow under the vehicle. The size, shape, and type of cooler in the GoWesty kit are perfect for this application. 

Thermostatic control: This is the second most important aspect of any cooling system. When the ATF is cold, its viscosity is high, as is its resistance to flow. Furthermore, when it is cold, there is no need to cool it. A properly placed thermostat is critical to controlling fluid flow when and where appropriate. GoWesty's kit incorporates a thermostat so that when the ATF is cold, the coolant bypasses the cooler. As the oil warms up, the ATF is directed to the cooler. This is pure efficiency.

 This is the third most important feature in a cooler system (but it is by no means unimportant!). In fact, well intentioned shops will often add a cooler to prevent overheating, but will plumb it in such a way that it is unreliable and can actually cause the demise of the very component they were trying to protect! The hoses in our kit are the best quality available, properly selected for the type, viscosity, flow rate, and temperature of the fluid being transmitted. All of the plumbing components are top-quality Aeroquip brand, and they feature clamp-less style fittings, all pre-assembled.

Once this kit is installed, it looks like it came straight from the factory. It's just that good.

In other words, bolt it on, and stop worrying about it... forever.
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