16" Alloy Wheel - Bare Wheel (2WD/4WD) [Bus/Vanagon]

Works With:1974-1991
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

We are happy to offer these nice quality high pressure cast wheels made specifically for the Bus & Vanagon platform. They have the correct bolt pattern and are offset to mount without any modifications. No special hardware, longer studs, or wheel spacers are required. See "Fit Notes" tab for exceptions.

• (1) 16" x 7.5", ET23, aluminum wheels finished in your choice of silver or black paint with clear coat, center caps. Does not include hardware. Please purchase separately.

• 1971-79 Type II Bus
• 1980-91 2WD Vanagon
• 1986-91 4WD Syncro Vanagon

Hardware info:
• For Type II Bus Wheels: Purchase 5 nuts per wheel.
• For 2WD Vanagon Front Wheels with Stock Brakes: Purchase our Wheel Stud Conversion Kit.
• For 2WD Vanagon Front Wheels with Big Brakes: Purchase 5 nuts per wheel.
• For 2WD Vanagon Rear Wheels or Spare Wheel: Purchase 5 nuts per wheel.
• For 4WD Vanagon Wheels or Spare Wheel: Purchase 5 nuts per wheel.

Low offset wheels on a Syncro: These ET23 wheels have slightly less offset than a normal OEM or Aftermarket Syncro wheel. They will fit a stock Syncro with a tire as large as 215/70-16. As with many wheel options, fitting a tire larger than 215/70/16 is possible but may require lifting springslengthened trailing arms, wheel spacers, and/or body modifications.

Factory Lowered Vehicles:
 We suggest a 215/60-16 street tire for this wheel. Wolfsburg edition hard-top, GL models with ground effects package, Carat and Multivan models came equipped from the factory with 1" lowering springs. Therefore, this 16" wheel and tire combo can and will on occasion rub the inside fender lip under hard driving. They fit great, handle on the highway like a dream, look superb, but you may need to modify your driving style. This note does NOT apply to any year of 2WD or 4WD Westfalia Camper or 7-Passenger Vanagon. It only applies to factory-lowered vehicles.

Heavy Duty Finned Drums: If you are going to use any GW alloy wheel with the no longer available GoWesty finned drum brakes, you will need to purchase longer wheel studs.

Torque specs: Please torque the fasteners to 95 ft.lbs.

14" Spare: If you plan to keep (and potentially use) your 14” steel wheel spare, you will need to keep one set of your original steel wheel hardware in the event of needing to use your spare. Pro-tip: If you get a flat in the front, move a full size wheel and tire from the back, and put your 14" spare on the back in its place. Much safer steering this way!

16" Spare: This 16" wheel will not fit in the spare tire bay without modification to the bay itself.

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