Conical Seat Wheel Nut (5 Pack)

Product number:255-601-143
Works With:1971-1991
Weight:0.5 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket

Aftermarket wheel nut for all wheels with straight conical (cone) seat. Sold in set of 5.

Most aftermarket wheels, such as our aluminum alloy wheels, and our steels wheels require conical seat hardware. These fasteners are not for wheels that require curved 'ball seat' hardware, such as OEM VW steel wheels, and some OEM VW/Mercedes wheels. Ball seat nuts can be purchased here.

Please inspect your wheels carefully to ensure you purchase the correct fasteners.

• All 1971-79 Type II Bus - 20 per vehicle
All 1980-91 2WD Vanagon rear wheels - 10 per vehicle
• All 1980-91 2WD Vanagon front Big Brakes - 10 per vehicle
• All 1986-91 Syncro 4WD - 20 per vehicle

Size: 14mm x 1.5mm pitch, with a 19mm head for use with your VW supplied lug wrench.