Hub Conversion Kit for Bigger Brakes [2WD Vanagon]

Works With:1980-1991

Requires some hand & power tools and minimal mechanical knowledge.

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$199.00 - $208.95

Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

This front hub conversion kit is required to update your 2WD van to any larger front brake system.

Really? Why? All 2WD Vanagons were delivered from the factory with front brake rotors that also carried the inner and outer wheel bearings. This integrated hub/rotor approach works well but requires replacing the bearings everytime you need new brake rotors. Maintaining this system is unnecessarily expensive and doesn't allow for a larger rotor and caliper to be used for improved braking. If you want to run our Bigger Brakes (recommended), or any big brake kit on the market, you first need to convert your vehicle to this bearing carrier hub set. Once you have these hubs, you can bolt on bigger brakes, and replace brake components as needed without touching your wheel bearings. It's a win-win!

Features of GoWesty front hubs:
• Dimensions and tolerances are exactly the same as the OEM VW (South Africa) hub, but that is where the comparison ends!
• Made from a solid billet of steel, not whittled from a cast part like the original
• Zinc plated for corrosion resistance. No other hub on the market is plated, not even the OEM VW
• Lug holes are threaded—which makes them compatible with lug bolts or thread-in studs
• No need to buy studs if you already have suitable lug bolts, but switching to thread-in studs/lug nuts makes good sense
• Threaded-in (instead of pressed in like OE hubs) studs are superior because they can be replaced easily—without removing the hub

Three choices to buy:
• 1) Bare—use your own lug bolt/nut/stud combination.
• 2) With standard-length, 44mm studs. Will fit most wheels.*
• 3) With longer-length, 59mm studs—for addition of spacers or special applications where longer studs are required. Be sure to determine the length of the studs you need for your particular wheels/set-up before ordering longer studs!

*All wheels sold by GoWesty would use the 44mm wheel studs.

"Blemished" option: These are heavy parts and they sometimes show up with dings and scratches on them, but are perfectly functional regardless. You can save a few bucks by choosing the "Blemished" option in the drop-down menu.

Don't forget bearings and seals! These hubs will require new wheel bearings and seals that match your steering spindles. The following links will take you to our bearing and seal kits for your particular van. Early Vanagon (1980-83.5) or Late Vanagon (1984-91)

• If you select a kit that includes wheel studs, they will then require the use of lug nuts to replace your lug bolts in order to reinstall your wheels. 

• Kit does NOT include front axle nut thrust washers. Please reuse your existing washers, or purchase new ones.

Hub Conversion Kit for Bigger Brakes [2WD Vanagon] Wrench Rating

Handy — Requires some hand & power tools and minimal mechanical knowledge.

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Handy — Requires some hand & power tools and minimal mechanical knowledge.

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