19" Bosch Clear Advantage Wiper Blade

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:0.5 lb

19" Bosch Clear Advantage wiper blade assembly. We now stock the much improved Bosch Clear Advantage blades! This is a bonafide, high-tech upgrade for your "antique" vehicle. We live in the 21st century, so we might as well see it, right?

  • Fits all Vanagon
  • Recommended for the passenger side position

Product attributes:

  • Superior wipe with up to 40% longer performance life than other premium blades
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Specially blended rubber flex element resists heat and ozone deterioration to remain flexible in all weather conditions
  • Best performance at high speed
  • Optimum visibility in the worst weather
  • Distributes uniform downward force along the entire blade to hold it firmly to the windshield
  • Customized precision fit for top performance
  • Exclusive tension spring arcing technology creates a fit that's custom-contoured to the curvature of each side of the windshield
  • Easy installation
  • Protects arm connection from ice build up
  • No adapters required

Save a couple of bucks with a set!