Bigger Brake Pad Set (GoWesty Kit)

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:5.0 lb

When it comes time to replace the worn out pads in your Bigger Brake Kit, pop in a set of these high performance pads. These pads are an excellent, low noise, low dust, and most importantly low cost replacement. Non-asbestos.

FITMENT NOTE: This brake pad set will not fit stock brakes. It fits the proprietary GoWesty designed bigger brake system only. We have sold two systems in the past: Generation I (VW South African system) and Generation II (made up of VW/Audi parts). Generation 1 replacement pads can be found here. We no longer stock parts for the Generation II system, but they can be found locally—caliper, rotor (288mm), and pads fit all '97 Jettas and Passats with VR6 engines. If you are not certain about which system you have in place, please call us at (888) 469-3789.

REPLACEMENT NOTE: If you need to find a replacement pad set locally, this set is for a Toyota Highlander ('01-'06).