Complete Tune-Up Bundle

Product number:TUNE-1.9
Works With:1983-1985
Weight:5.5 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
$110.95 - $135.95

Need to tune-up your early model water boxer, but not quite sure what you need? This tune-up kit will eliminate the guess work and save you a few bucks.

We offer two versions of this kit: the basic kit, for customers who have already upgraded their fuel filter system and eliminated the small pre-filter; and the deluxe kit for customers who wish to make this upgrade by eliminating the small pre-filter. Read the full article here to learn more about why you should upgrade your fuel filter system.

Fits: 1983-85 Vanagon with the original Bosch Digijet fuel injection (1900cc, PLUS all GoWesty 2200cc, 2300cc engines)

The basic kit includes:
• German oil filter
• German air filter
• One (1) larger round fuel filter (post-pump)
Oil drain plug with washer
• Bosch distributor cap and ignition rotor
• (4) AC Delco R43XL spark plugs
• Ignition wire set

The deluxe kit also includes:
• Gowesty's Fuel Filter Upgrade Kit

Don't want to upgrade your system and eliminate the pre-filter? No problem! Simply purchase the basic kit and a replacement pre-filter.