Eurovan Bunk Board Strap Catch

Works With:1999-2003
Weight:0.25 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket

Have you ever pulled your EV's top bunk down, only to realize you left it attached to the strap that holds it out of the way? If so, you probably snapped the plastic piece that holds the strap, meaning there's nothing left to hold the top bunk out of the way. Our plastic piece comes with a dowel pin and directly replaces the old one, only ours is stronger, and shouldn't break so easily if you make the same mistake again.

Fits: 1999-2003 Eurovan Westfalia Weekenders with the plastic upper bunk board strap catch.

Kit includes: Custom printed nylon bunk strap catch to replace part number 701-070-730B, and metal dowel pin.