Fatmat Sound Dampening Material

Works With:1968-2003
Weight:5.0 lb
Manufacturer:Fat Mat

**We are now selling Rattle Trap eXtreme in five-foot sections (you will receive slightly over five feet, just for good measure). Each "qty 1" in your cart represents 5 linear feet.**

The folks at Fatmat have certainly taken sound dampening to the next level. We've experimented with a number of sound control products, and Fatmat's Rattle Trap eXtreme is far and away the front runner in both performance and value. Rattle Trap eXtreme will help stop nasty rattles, vibrations, and road noise.

Why is Rattle Trap eXtreme our #1 choice in sound dampening? Each piece is comprised of three key components: 1) an ultra rubberized compound to absorb noise and vibration, 2) a highly polished aluminum shield that makes Fatmat lighter and thinner than other products, and 3) a super adhesive backing for instant peel-and-stick installation. Rattle Trap sheets are also easy to cut, which means that you can install them in all the odd-shaped nooks and crannies in your vehicle.

• Stop rattles, vibration, and road noise
• Odor-free installation
• Great for firewalls, floors, doors, side panels, etc.
• Super adhesion for easy installation

Each section is 18" tall. Mat thickness is 80 mils.


There is no need to cover every square inch of your body panels. Sure, it won't hurt, but we have found it to be an unnecessary waste of materials. Focus on the larger "open" areas of sheet metal. Areas that are more rigid will naturally resist vibration. This will deliver the most bang (or shhh...) for your buck. See our additional photos for an example of a minimalist type of approach to sound dampening.

This is a list of what we consider "high priority" areas on a Vanagon:
• Inside front doors: 6'
• Inside sliding door: 4'
• Inside rear hatch: 3'
• Inside panel opposite sliding door: 4'