GoWesty Pop-Top Tent [Late Vanagon Camper]

Product number:GW-231-707
Works With:1985-1991
Weight:11.0 lb
$249.95 - $379.95

We are very proud of our line of GoWesty replacement pop-top tents, available in budget-friendly natural cotton or super-quality marine-grade synthetic dyed acrylic. There is simply nothing else on the market that delivers the quality, fit, and features of these products at these price points.

Fits: This product only fits late-model 1985-91 Vanagon campers where the tent is screwed to the Westfalia top and is covered with an aluminum trim piece. If you are unsure which type you have, please review the diagram found in the related images for clarification. If you need a staple-in style tent for a 1980-84, click here.

• A close reproduction of the original factory tent
• Removable front screen
• Quality zippers, Velcro, and screen mesh
• Three windows with privacy flaps and tie-backs built in
• Colors: Currently available in gray and tan only

Cotton Features:
• Budget-friendly 100% cotton tent body with an added UV- and water-resistant coating
• Excellent breathability, yet less colorfast and mold/mildew resistant than our acrylic offering
• Cotton material has natural stretch to it, and will result in the tightest fit
• Cotton is a less durable material than acrylic

Acrylic Features:
• Upholstery weight dyed acrylic tent body with an added UV- and water-resistant coating
• Excellent colorfastness, more weather-resistant, and better mold/mildew resistance than our cotton offering
• Acrylic material has ZERO stretch to it, so we manufacture them slightly larger to ensure they install properly. This will result in a slightly looser fit
• Acrylic is a more durable material than cotton

Sunbrella® brand acrylic tents: For a limited time, grab the premium genuine Sunbrella material for your tent. We traditionally used this material for our tents, however due to supply restraints and increasing costs, we have switched to a generic brand that is every bit as nice, but significantly less expensive. If you want the name brand stuff, we still have a few units in stock!

Our acrylic tents are manufactured out of a medium weight material designed for marine upholstery applications. It incredibly durable, does not absorb moisture, has a soft hand like cotton canvas, and is not stiff like the heavy materials used on sail covers. Our fabric has also been treated with a finish which gives it extra water repellency. In some instances, when an object scrapes across the fabric, white scuff marks can be left behind. This is known as 'mark-off.' Additionally, thin white lines called 'crazing' can appear when the material is stowed in a way that creates many small wrinkles. These two types of surface markings are more common on newly treated fabric, and will diminish and/or disappear over time. They are purely cosmetic, and do not indicate damaged fabric.

Should you wish to improve the appearance of your acrylic material, one approach is as follows:

• Spray 303 Aerospace Protectant onto a clean washcloth or other soft white cotton product
• Dab the affected area with the moistened cloth
• Let dry
• Repeat process if necessary.

Again, this phenomena is most prevalent on new fabric and if it occurs, will normally diminish or go away with normal weathering and will not affect the overall performance of the product.

At GoWesty, we strive to have our products manufactured in the U.S. as often as possible. We start by looking at local manufacturing first, then widen our net statewide, then nationally. After a decade of working with U.S. textile manufacturers on several iterations of pop-top tents, we found it impossible to maintain the price and quality we require and our customers deserve. As a result, we shifted our focus toward locating an offshore textile partner that shared our commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing, while being able to deliver excellent quality at an affordable price.

After a rigorous vetting process, we found an Indian manufacturing partner that adheres to globally-recognized responsible practices, a commitment to healthy workplace policies, and holds a highly-rated Intertek accreditation. Like GoWesty, they care deeply about their employees’ safety and well-being. We feel confident you will appreciate the level of quality and price point of your new pop-top tent.