Heavy-Duty 930 Axle Kit (Manual Trans - 2WD/4WD)

Works With:1980-1991
Manufacturer:GoWesty/Quality Aftermarket

Requires a full tool set and broad mechanical knowledge.

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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

This kit includes all the parts you need to switch over to our GoWesty heavy-duty rear drive axles. These fit Vanagon 2WD or 4WD (with manual transmission only). This GoWesty built kit gets you higher articulating, super durable, and much larger Porsche 930 Turbo sized CV joints, along with super strong chromoly axles. (Note: Chromoly steel, a blend of chromium and molybdenum, is considerably stronger and more durable than standard 1020 steel.)

These axles feature a special torsion bar design: they are engineered to twist or "spool up" to prevent shock loads (and the associated damage) to the drivetrain—and also to prevent the axles from snapping under extreme loads. We have also added an extra snap ring groove on the inside of the CV joint to prevent the axle from floating too far in or out and causing noise and damage due to knocking on the drive flanges. This kit comes with all the parts you need to upgrade one of the weaker links in your Vanagon.

Kit includes:
• Two (2) axles
• Four (4) German GKN/Loebro CV joints
• Four (4) CV boot/flange assemblies
• Eight (8) snap rings
• Two (2) inner drive flanges
• Two (2) inner drive flanges - NEW forged & heat-treated
• Two (2) outer CV flanges/stub axle assemblies - NEW forged & heat-treated
• Two (2) axle nut cotter pins
• 24 bolts

I have heard 930 axles are noisy. Is this true?
These 930 CVs are virtually indestructible when fitted to a Vanagon with a waterboxer engine. You will not be able to break one! To achieve high articulation and far greater strength, the joints will not be as quiet as your original CV joints. So, please note that they can make some clicking and rattling sounds reminiscent of a bad standard-size joint that is about to fail. The 930s may click at full wheel droop when CV angle is greatest, especially when the CV joints are brand new and tight. The difference is that the noise is normal and it is not indicative of a joint about to fail! If you experience any unnerving noises upon installation (especially in conjunction with new coil springs) and are certain that you have assembled the axles correctly, do not panic, put some miles on them and they will quiet down once everything settles in.

NOTE: We do not include grease with this kit. You can choose your favorite grease to use when assembling. We recommend the excellent Redline CV-2 Grease (two tubs will provide enough to do the job and have some left over for other uses).

Assembly required.
Some installation tips (including important torque specs) are included—but not complete installation instructions. You will need the proper tools and experience to install these axles. If you don't feel 100% confident in your ability to do this job, please have a professional shop perform the installation.

• The larger 930 CV joint will not clear the trailing arm with the bearing hub bolted in place. It will be necessary to at least loosen the four bolts that hold the bearing hub and tilt it so that the larger stub axle can be installed. We highly recommend that the rear hubs be removed entirely—cleaned, inspected, and re-lubricated, since removal of the old stub axle and installation of the new one will likely introduce dirt into an otherwise sealed bearing system.

• The fit between the inner splines of the new CV joint and out splines of the axle are not as tight as the original (smaller) CV joints and axles. This is normal!

• Only three circlips per axle are used to constrain the CV joints. The transmission side CV joint needs both an inner and an outer circlip. The wheel side CV joint only receives a retaining clip on the wheel side of the CV.

• We recommend using a pair of snap ring pliers to replace the CV drive flanges on the transaxle.

Axle Installation Instructions

Heavy-Duty 930 Axle Kit (Manual Trans - 2WD/4WD) Wrench Rating

DIY — Requires a full tool set and broad mechanical knowledge.

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