Larger Capacity LP Tank w/Level Indicator

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:50.0 lb

We have figured out a relatively simple way to install the larger Eurovan propane tank onto a Vanagon, giving you greater freedom to explore and stay off the beaten path for even longer! We all know that running out of propane in the middle of nowhere can be serious business.

The pros:
- An almost 80% increase in capacity (from 3.3 to 5.9 gallons).
- Level indicator! Includes an externally-visable level indicator (we are working on a readout for inside your van, as well-stay tuned!).
- Options for attaching external camping fittings. You will be able to run external appliances off your on-board tank, or easily plumb in an external BBQ tank for extended stays. Please see related item below!

The con:
You'll lose about 3" of clearance... but it's not too big a price to pay for added carrying capacity, right?

Install note: Kit mounts to the same points as the stock Vanagon LP tank. Installation instructions and mounting hardware included.

Specs: Roughly 30" end to end, not including the mounting brackets.