LED Dome Light Festoon Bulb

Works With:1968-1991
Weight:0.0 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
$5.95 - $7.95

Want to add some colored mood lighting to your ride? Here is a standard power, long-life LED "festoon" bulb for the dome light in all 1972-91 Buses & Vanagons, and for the 3-bulb incandescent fixture found in 1980-91 Westfalia Campers. These little bulbs put off a nice glow that is perfect for use as night lights for the kiddies, or mellow ambience for that Al Green album, but a little too dim to be considered a "task light" bulb.

Available in blue, green, red and white.

Bulb sold individually.

Bulb application:

• 1968-91 Dome light
• 1980-91 Westfalia Camper 3-bulb incandescent lamp

If you have a Westfalia full camper, check out out complete kit found here.