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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

Got stuff to carry, but there is a storm on the horizon? Fear not! This durable and weatherproof cargo bag was designed and manufactured exclusively for GoWesty. It allows one to carry an enormous amount of gear up in the luggage rack area of all VW Camper models.

Features: It is made from rugged 18oz. vinyl coated nylon with microwave welded seams. It has a wide-mouth opening for easy access to your gear, and a clever roll, fold, and clasp weatherproof closure (similar to rafting dry bags) to keep your gear dry. Also included are two long cinch straps for quick loading and tie-down to your existing luggage rack cleats. The two comfort grip handles make carrying the loaded bag a breeze.

Approximate size: L-45" W-18" H-10" (Overall height can be reduced by cinching down on the supplied nylon straps for optimal aerodynamics while driving.)

Moisture Damage Disclaimer:
While this bag features a weatherproof dry bag-style closure, it is not submersible. We cannot guarantee that under all circumstances the contents you store in this bag will remain perfectly dry. In many environments, condensation will occur as well. Please excercise common sense when choosing articles to store in this cargo bag. Material is not rated for extremely cold conditions (-20°).

Wind whip - What's that? This is a big bag, and when it is not packed full, there can be quite a bit of excess material hanging out in the wind just asking to get wind whipped! This can weaken and crack the vinyl material in fairly short order. Be sure to take up as much unused volume as possible with the handy roll-top closure, and cinch the bag down as tight as you can. Keep the lowest profile possible and you'll maximize the lifespan of your gear bag. Pack it, roll it down tight, rack it, and hit the road!

Protect your investment with a UV blocker: While these bags are designed to be extremely durable, and withstand many years of outdoor use, over time the material can deteriorate from UV exposure. We recommend that you store the bag indoors when not in use, and periodically treat the vinyl exterior with a UV coating, such as our BIO-KLEEN-UV.

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