Optional Hitch for GoWesty Bumpers

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:25.0 lb

As of January 1st, 2012, we have changed the way we build our rear bumpers. Previously, we offered two bumpers: one with a 2" hitch and one without. Now we only offer ONE plate steel rear bumper that is designed to accept a bolt-in hitch at the time of purchase, or anytime down the road when your needs change or your budget allows.

If you purchased a plate steel rear bumper from us after January 1st, 2012, and would like to add a 2" receiver hitch, this is the product for you.

Hitch includes:
• Industry standard 2" receiver for towing, and various accessories
• Class III size - please see Fitment & Specs tab for strength rating information
• Durable gloss black powder coat finish
• Complete hardware and installation instructions

This hitch is designed to integrate into our new plate steel rear bumpers ONLY. If you have any other bumper on your vehicle, you can add our "stand alone" bolt-on hitch, which is found in the related products section below.

Bike Carrier: Any bike carrier is AOK to use with this hitch. However, the maximum, combined weight of whatever you put on the bike carrier decreases the further out the load is placed. So, the weight of the bikes is the limiting factor. Any two bikes weighing no more than 60# each, or any four bikes weighing no more than 30# each is AOK. And always: Place the heaviest bikes as close to the bumper as possible.

Other accessory/load carrying device: The weight you can carry decreases 5#/inch from the face of the bumper. Never use a load carrying accessory (like a tray, for example) where any part of the accessory hangs out more than 30" from the fact of the bumper, and always load it as close to the bumper as possible.

Towing: Your tow ball insert must not place the two ball any further than 10" away from the face of the bumper. Maximum 200 lbs. We do not recommend using this hitch to tow more than 1500 lbs. Please read our article on towing before towing anything behind your Vanagon.