Positraction Differential

Works With:1968-1991
Weight:0.0 lb
$1,399.95 - $1,499.95

A posi-traction differential, also known as ATB (automatic torque biasing), is a simple and effective way to greatly increase your traction on and off-road. Unlike an "open" differential (i.e., your stock unit) that shifts power to the wheel with the least traction, an ATB senses which wheel has the better grip and biases power to that wheel. It does this smoothly and constantly without ever completely removing power from the other wheel. This is especially important when the drive wheels are on slippery surfaces such as ice, snow, dirt, sand, or mud. To learn more about differentials, please read this article.

These units are made right here in the USA by Peloquins®. These bad-boys employ a proprietary radiused planetary gear design for strength, durability and smooth operation. This unique design is unlike anything else found in the world and reflects a new benchmark in differential engineering. If you have ever wanted your 2WD or 4WD Syncro (with or without the factory diff-lock) to have more off-road prowess, this differential is for you. And, if you purchase this part at the same time as one of our rebuilt transaxles, we will install the posi-traction unit prior to shipping at no extra charge!

Available for both manual and automatic transmissions.

Be sure to grab an install kit if you are sending this part to your local shop for installation! See related items below.

• Automatic: 1976-1991 Bus/Vanagon
• 2WD Manual: 1968-1991 Bus/Vanagon
• 4WD Manual: 1986-1991 Syncro Vanagon