Rear Hatch Strut [Vanagon]

Product number:VANO-HATCH-STRUT
Works With:1980-1991
Weight:1.0 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket

Introducing the new GoWesty super heavy duty hatch strut. We engineered these struts in only one force—after much trial and error, we found what we consider to be the "perfect" resistance. We were tired of dealing with hatch struts that didn't work properly and didn't last long enough... thus, the GoWesty hatch strut was born.

Buy them individually for use with your one remaining good strut or spring for a pair! We think you'll like the results. Each one of our struts comes with a circlip.

These struts come with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Fitment note: All Vanagons (80-91), left and/or right side. Note that you must remove your existing washers to install this strut. We highly recommend you purchase the circlip pliers below for easier install.