Sliding Door Latch Spring Replacement Kit

Works With:1985-1991
Weight:0.2 lb

If your sliding door doesn't latch well, it can pop open at the most inopportune time like any time you're driving down the road! This can be dangerous at best... deadly at worst.

We've found that this issue can usually be remedied by replacing the two internal latch springs (and giving the latch a good cleaning/greasing at the same time).

This kit includes two brand new stainless steel springs. We've also included two new stainless steel allen-head bolts, which are way easier to install/uninstall than the stock prone-to-stripping Phillips-head bolts.

NOTE: Fits: Some '85s, all '86-'91. If your outside door handle measures 5.75" from the middle of the key hole to end this will fit your van. This product is intended for use on left hand drive vans only.

Installation instructions included.

NOTE: We recommend purchasing a can of HHS-K Spray Grease, available separately below.