Small Wooden Drawer Insert

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:1.0 lb
If you are anything like us, you will love this product. Over the years we have all grown tired of all our cooking utensils, silverware, pens, salt 'n pepper shakers, and other odd and ends in our drawer getting all jumbled together.

This hardwood drawer insert is the lower cost smaller brother of the drawer organizer you see below. Simple "drop in" installation creates three separate storage areas to keep your stuff organized. It is one of several wood products we are proud to offer. Through fine craftsmanship and a sturdy design, this drawer insert will deliver many years of reliable service.

Exterior: 4 3/8"W x 6 3/8"L
Interior: 3 5/8"W x 5 5/8"L

This product now features an improved laminate interior, as pictured in the main photo above.