Spray Nozzle for Wipers

Works With:1968-1991
Weight:0.05 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
$3.45 - $7.45

Spray nozzle windshield squirters for the front and rear wiper washer system. Options abound! We offer the original high-profile single-jet washer nozzles, low-profile double-jet nozzles, and mid-profile triple-jet nozzles. The more jets, the more washer fluid ends up on your glass. In this case more typically is better. Bugs-b-gone!

Sold individually.

Fits: All 1968-91 Bus & Vanagon models, all locations.

Installation note: Please note that replacement washer nozzle bases vary in size, and may not cover imperfections in your body paint once installed. The single-jet squirters are reproductions of the originals, and should cover the same area as your old ones. The double and triple jet varieties have a smaller footprint and will not cover the same area.