Stainless Catalytic Converter

Product number:025-131-701A
Works With:1978-1995
Weight:6.0 lb
$269.95 - $908.95

Our brand-new catalytic converters feature a stainless steel body—lifetime warranty against corrosion and a 20% larger catalyst area for those extra clean smog tests!

Fits: All 1980-91 Vanagon & 1993-95 Eurovan with OEM exhaust system equipped with 3-bolt flanges. See Fitment tab for more info.

We offer two versions depending on your local emissions requirements. 

50-State Converter: 
Compliant with emissions standards in all 50 STATES. Approved for use in California and Colorado. CARB Executive order #D-193-132 

48-State Converter:
For customers outside of California & Colorado. Note: The 48-State catalytic converter might be legal in your state, but it may not be capable of actually passing the emissions test! If the test you have to pass includes a maximum NOx measurement, you will need to buy the 50-state catalytic converter to pass the test.

Available with or without installation hardware. Make your selection in the drop-down menu.

Note on price: You are not seeing triple! The 50-State catalytic converter has almost tripled in price over the past year. The reason for these extremely high prices are due to the cost of the materials these are made of. Until or unless the price of the raw materials suddenly plummets (unlikely), they are going to be expensive! Most retailers are held to the manufacturer's MSRP of $1377, but not GoWesty! We are proud to offer our super-quality private-label version for less than a thousand bucks! That's right, we've got your back. 

1980-83.5 Aircooled Vanagon: This catalytic converter will only work for Vanagons that utilize catalytic converters with 3-bolt flange on each end. If your catalytic converter has only one flanged end and a straight pipe on the other end, this converter will not work for you.

1983.5-91 Watercooled Vanagon: Fits all models 2WD & 4WD

1993-95 Eurovan: Fits all 2500cc 5-cylinder engine