Sun Visors (Warm White)

Product number:251-898-550
Works With:1980-1991
Weight:3.63 lb

Aftermarket white sun visors for Vanagon. Sold as pair.

Fits: All 1980-91 Vanagon models

These visors are not nearly the same quality as the original, VW visors that came in your Vanagon. The entire construction is sub-par by comparison. One must fiddle with the tensioning screw on the hinge mechanism from time to time, and the feel and finish is nothing like the German made originals. But, alas, this is the only option currently out there for new Vanagon visors. They may not be the best, but they are the best we can get!

If your original visors are serviceable, we recommend you do what you can to keep them—see our nifty hinge repair in the related items below. But if yours are toast, or worse yet completely missing: these are definitely better than the bright sun in your eyes.

Important Product Note: These visors do not have a vanity mirror on the passenger like your original might have.

Please note that each visor set has one driver side and one passengerside. If you look closely at the outside end, you will notice a small philips head tension screw. This screw should only be visible when the visor is in the "down" position, and hidden when the visor is in the "up" position.

Install tip: If the little mounting bar in the visor, and the sun visor clip on the body are not in alignment, you can loosen the little tension screw (mentioned above) and slide the visor to the left, or to the right to get them both lined up just right.