Timing Set Decal (Digifant)

Works With:1986-1991
Weight:0.1 lb

Setting the ignition timing is critical. Improper timing can lead to the destruction of your engine, period. That's why this little decal is so dang important!

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the proper setting of the ignition timing in 1986-91 Vanagons with the Digifant engine management system. The factory repair manual is very confusing in this regard, often resulting in improper timing—even by professional shops. This decal packs a lot of information and makes setting the timing simple with a common timing light. Get it right the first time!

Designed to be placed inside your license plate door where it can't be missed, this little decal will ensure that proper timing instructions are always present for you or your mechanic. Emblazoned with the how and where, this decal will help protect your beloved waterboxer engine.

Placement instructions: See additional photos for placement suggestions.

Applies ONLY to 1986-91 Vanagons with waterboxer engines originally equipped with the Digifant engine management system.