Power Window Switch Wire Pockets (Pair)

Works With:1985-1991
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If you are tired of your window glass hitting the wiring on the back of your door panel switches, then these wiring pockets are the answer. They are made from tough ABS plastic, are a semi-snug fit into the triangular hole in the metal door skin, and do a great job of keeping your wiring free and clear of the moving window.

Why is the door wiring problematic? Well, VW took standard doors with manual window regulators and added power windows. With that change came a full set of bulky wires that were zip-tied together, and shoved in the door cavity. Getting the door panel back on is quite a task as you have to make sure all of the wires are in just the right spot when you pushed the window switches back in place. Any wiring left in the way of the window regulator would get tangled up in the mechanism and cause all kinds of wiring issues. No more positioning the wires in just the right spot and worrying about that "click" every time you move the window, plus the added bonus of it acting as a weather barrier.

Fits: 1985/86 and newer Vanagon originally equipped with power windows. These pockets are designed as a slip-in interference fit into the triangular opening on the door skin. They fit flush under any door panel whether ABS, wood or factory original.

Install note from the manufacturer: These pockets are not pre-drilled for the wires to pass though them. The manufacturer states that a 3/8 hole drilled in the bottom and a slit to the edge accepts all the wires into the pocket. Once the pocket is installed with the wires and connectors exposed you the install the door panel with the switches and bezels detached from the panel and then gently organize the wires into the pocket ad insert the switches and bezel.

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