3-Point Retracting Seat Belt (Jumpseat LH/RH)

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:1.95 lb

We designed this seat belt kit to be used on Vanagon rear facing jump seat on the driver's or passenger side. This kit is a quick way to add the extra security of a 3-point harness. The inertia reel is mounted low instead of high, and the shoulder strap terminates at a point already present on all Vanagons just below the point where the front seat shoulder anchor is.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is NOT supplied with the female receiver. Vehicles that were originally equipped with the rear facing jump seat will re-use the factory original receiver. If you have added the jump seat to your camper, you will need to source a good, used jump seat receiver.


Due to safety concerns, an installed seat belt may not be returned (unless it is deemed defective). Please see our return policy for further details.