3-Point Retracting Seat Belt w/ Reel (Front LH/RH)

Product number:KT-VANO-ERA
Works With:1980-1991
Weight:2.35 lb

Tired of those seat belts that won't retract anymore? Is the webbing all worn and frayed? Replace those tired old 3-point belts with our high quality replacement kit. It fits all years of Vanagon, driver or passenger side, and includes a brand-new receiver.

Fits: All 1980-91 Vanagon models, front driver or passenger side.

This is a complete seat belt and receiver kit. For just the receiver or just the belt, please see related items 251-857-80-ERA or RC-CABLE-15-ERA.

1) We have intentionally made the webbing shorter than the original webbing length so that the retracting action is as strong and snappy as it can be. That said, the configuration of these vehicles is such that you cannot expect the retracting action to be anything like your typical, modern vehicle. This is especially true of the driver side on a camper where the belt webbing has to run through a special guide to keep it from rubbing on the galley cabinetry.

2) While it is theoretically possible to increase the spring action in the retractor so that the belt would snap back much more briskly when exiting the vehicle, the added force against your shoulder while in use would be bothersome at the very least, intolerable at worst. This especially true in these vehicles where you often find yourself leaning forward and over the steering wheel because, well, that is just what you do when you are driving a VW van!

3) Because of the webbing is shorter than the original, we include a new longer flexible receiver for use with this seat belt. This also has the benefit of moving the receiver up, which makes it easier to fasten your seat belt. Full campers have a ridiculously short receiver because of the swivel seat but because our new receivers are flexible, the seat still swivels easily. On top of all those reasons, the thing is over 30 years old!

Due to safety concerns, an installed seat belt may not be returned (unless it is deemed defective). Please see our return policy for further details.