Coolant Hose (Distribution Tower to Crossover Pipe)

Product number:251-121-103-AM
Works With:1986-1991
Weight:0.25 lb
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket

This aftermarket cooling hose is the lower right hose that fits between lower cross over pipe and the cooling hose main junction aka distribution tower.

Fits: 1986-91 Syncro Vanagon

Install Note: You may have to cut off a bit off the hose for it to fit. The OEM hose is no longer available and this generic hose is a nearly identical fit. It is low cost, and works like a charm!

Why not silicone for this original replacement? GoWesty does not offer a silicone version of this hose because there is no evidence that indicated the more expensive silicone material/manufacturing method is superior in any way. This hose is an exact reproduction of the original VW formed hose, which was known to last many decades and are a fraction is the price as compared to a silicone version of the same thing.