CV Axle Boot Bundle [Bus/Vanagon]

Works With:1968-1991
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
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$47.76 - $183.28

Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

When it comes to DIY maintenance, a good place to save a few bucks is in the axle area. Axle maintenance is truly one of the great VW rites of passage. Replacing your CV joints as well? Check our our Comprehensive Axle Rebuild Kit. Go ahead and get after it!

Having the ability to replace your own CV boots when they fail is a great skill in and of itself, but also provides an opportunity for a deeper level of inspection that every aspiring VW home mechanic should learn to do. When replacing a boot, you should also clean the CV joint and re-pack it with grease. This will greatly extend the working life of the part and alert you well ahead of time to the existence of wear patterns that will one day end in joint failure. At first blush, this job can appear daunting, but once you get over the dirty and greasy nature of it, the process is quite simple and rewarding. Plus, it will save you some hard-earned cash, and you'll gain the peace of mind that comes with the completion of a job well done.

This bundle is available in two varieties for 2WD, and one for Syncro. Our basic 2WD kit features entry-level EMPI brand boots that have a great overall track record for longevity. Our deluxe 2WD kit is comprised of Rockford brand boots which cost a little more, and are known to be more durable overall. Our Syncro kit is comprised of Rockford boots for the rear and front inner CVs, while the front outer are the trusted GKN/Lobro brand hard plastic boots.

Bundle contents:
• Basic 2WD - (4) EMPI boot kits that include grease and clamps*
• Deluxe 2WD - (4) Rockford brand boot kits that include grease packs and NO clamps*
• Deluxe 4WD - (6) Rockford brand boot kits & (2) GKN/Lobro front outer boot kits

* Product note: To clamp or not to clamp? Great question! Some boot kits arrive pre-packaged with clamps for the small end of the boot. Most installers choose to omit this clamp (especially on Buses) as they are commonly believed to shorten the lifespan of the boot itself. There is no reason to fear grease flying out of the un-clamped boot. It simply doesn't happen. However, in the case of the front outer boot on the 4WD Syncro, the boot design requires both the inner and outer clamps to be used; thus, they are always included in the boot kits.

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