Fox 2.5 Shock Bundle (Rear)[Vanagon]

Works With:1980-1991
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

We are extremely proud to offer our custom GoWesty-spec 2.5 Rear Shock Bundle. Now you can enjoy the very same level of performance that helped us capture multiple class wins in the punishing NORRA Mexican 500 & 1000 race series. 

Fits: All 1980-91 Vanagon models - 2WD and Syncro

Bundle includes: Pair of Fox 2.5 rear shocks that will work with any spring of your choice. Plus a shock body collar wrench, rebound/damping adjustment tool, and complete installation instructions.

Rear Fox 2.5 Shock features include:
• True monotube shock design with Fox DSG damping control
• Fox high-temperature oil and seals
• Heim joint bottom ends for extreme durability
• Fully rebuildable and re-valveable
• Long travel with adjustable damping: “Piggy back” remote reservoirs, DSG compression setting adjustability with 1" more down travel

Like our venerable Fox 2.0 offerings, we tuned and tested these Fox 2.5 shocks over tens of thousands of off-road miles to provide the durability, comfort, and traction that you can't get from any other direct replacement shock.

Especially when it comes to the rear shocks, you don’t have to be a racer to overheat a shock on a Vanagon. A twenty-minute drive on a washboard road at high speed can generate enough heat to seriously challenge the capability of our 2.0 shocks. These 2.5 series shocks don’t even break a sweat. If you are looking for the absolute no-holds-barred solution for your Vanagon, look no further. This is the last rear shock you will ever have to buy for your Vanagon, unless someone steals them!

This long travel, Fox DSG, compression damping adjustable kit features low and high speed compression adjustment. From a full Westy camper to a light-weight tin-top, to anywhere along the Baja peninsula, you can choose the compression damping that suits your vehicle and the terrain you're traveling upon. The combination of damping options allows you to dial in your ride like never before. The level of stiffness you feel between one shock and the next is almost entirely a function of compression damping. Our Fox shocks are fully adjustable in that regard! In the softest position, they will feel about the same as our Fox 2.0 shocks. At the firmest setting, they feel about 30% stiffer. Whatever you like: soft like a marshmallow or on rails like a slot car—you don't have to settle for one or the other. You can experience both and everything in between! No matter how you set the compression damping, what they'll do better than any other shock is controlling the ride via much greater rebound damping—which is the resistance that a shock absorber provides after a bump is hit and the suspension compresses. No other option available for the Syncro comes close to matching what these GoWesty/Fox 2.5 shocks can do. They are simply unrivaled!

 The main differences between the Fox 2.0 and 2.5 are:

• Greater adjustability range: These 2.5s are as soft as the 2.0s in the softest setting, and are about 30% stiffer in the stiffest setting. They also sport the latest Fox DSG damping adjustment technology that allows you to adjust both high and low speed compression damping.

• Much less damping fade with increased temperature: These 2.5s have about 36% more surface area for cooling, and 100% more oil volume compared to the 2.0 shocks. The result is a shock that can handle an order of magnitude more heat.

• Much more capable: We collaborated with Fox for these shocks specifically for racing in the NORRA Mexican 500 & 1000. With the 2.0 shocks, we had to bring spares for the inevitable shock explosions (from what was admittedly gross abuse). With the 2.5s, no spares are required. They are simply indestructible! We could go as fast as we dared to go—without worrying about the shocks—and focus instead on the rocks and cacti!

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