Fuel Tank [Vanagon]

Works With:1980-1991
Manufacturer:Quality Aftermarket
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$187.54 - $194.03

Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Over the years we have offered a few different aftermarket fuel tank options. These new tanks are the best we have found yet, hands-down. The grommets fit, they don't leak vapor or fuel, and the tank walls are beefy and solid. In other words, we are confident you'll be happy with the quality.

We offer two tanks: One that works with a large diameter, steel filler neck, and one that works with the smaller diameter, plastic filler neck (check to see what you have before ordering). 

Available Options:
AD: This tank works with the large 68mm diameter steel filler neck with 7mm fuel outlet tube.
AH: This tank works with the small 48mm diameter plastic filler neck with 12mm fuel outlet tube.

Wait, wasn't there a third tank that VW offered? Yes, there exists a third type of tank (part number ends in "AE") that is just like the AH, but has a 7mm fuel outlet tube. This was the tank VW used from 1983-85, and required a fitting or filter before the fuel pump to increase the size of the hose from 7mm to 12mm. So, naturally, nobody wants that tank, and we know you don't either! If you have a Vanagon with a plastic filler neck and the common Bosch style electric fuel pump (that has a 12mm inlet hose fitting): buy the AH tank! If for whatever reason you want the fuel outlet tube to be 7mm instead of 12mm, we offer an adaptor grommet that allows for the plastic filler neck to fit the AD tank, 251-201-139B.

Note: These tanks sometimes arrive with minor paint blemishes from the factory. This does not affect their performance, and they are sold as-is.

Important Fitment Note: The "tabs" on these tanks sometimes arrive from the factory bent down slightly, which makes installing the sending unit challenging. You can use a crescent wrench to bend them up just a bit—but don't overdue it, because you still need tension on the seal!

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