Winnebago Luggage Rack

Works With:1995-2003
Restock ETA: September 20, 2024
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

Our new-and-improved luggage rack for the Eurovan Winnebago Camper is thermoformed from thick and durable ABS plastic. We then coat them with a matte white UV-resistant automotive paint for longevity, and to match the original Winnebago look. While at the drawing board creating a brand-new mold for these, we took the opportunity to improve on Winnebago's design by adding reinforcement ribs for vastly improved rigidity and overall strength. Our aftermarket, custom rack is a direct bolt-in replacement for your tired (or completely missing*) luggage rack.

Fits: All 1995-2003 Eurovan Winnebago Camper

Features at a glance:
• Crafted from rugged ABS plastic
• Added reinforcement ribs for great rigidity and overall strength
• Direct bolt-on replacement for your original luggage rack
• Coated with matte white UV-resistant automotive grade paint

Paint finish note: Please note that these luggage racks are finished to match the OEM Winnebago pop top which are matte white in color (not our preference, but that’s what Winnebago chose!).  Because these luggage racks do not have a high gloss finish they can be easily marked by dirt, grease, oil and other debris.

We highly recommend installing with our Stainless Luggage Rack Mounting Bracket Kit.

*A little bit of backstory for the curious: It all started with a phone call. One day, a customer called in and said his Eurovan Camper luggage rack had just flown off his van while he was cruisin' down the highway. What? Say it ain't so! Sure enough, we started getting calls from folks needing new luggage racks to replace broken, damaged and even completely lost ones. 

What should have been a simple fix... wasn't. A call to Winnebago revealed that they had ZERO in stock, and that these items were, in fact, made to order. Well, the next obvious move was to get some ordered up. We bought a handful and waited for them to arrive. Nearly two months later they showed up and wouldn't you know it they were BLACK! By now we're getting a little tired of saying, "Say it ain't so!"

Back on the phone to Winnebago, and we're told we could have had them in any color as long as it was black. Now where have I heard that before? Okay, so back onto a truck and off to the paint shop we go for a coat of glossy white. Whew! Are you as exhausted as we are yet?

Several years and scores of happy customers later, Winnebago decided they were tired of making Eurovan Luggage Racks for us. What now? Nothing to do but what we always do! Time to roll up the sleeves and make our own, and make them BETTER!

Shipping Note: Shipping costs are subject to change, but will be approximately between $100 to $300 to any destination in the lower 48 states because of the luggage racks large dimensions. If your address is considered "rural" by the freight company, there may be additional shipping fees. If the actual shipping charges vary from what you are quoted at the time of checkout, we will contact you directly with an updated shipping calculation. Please call for shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, or any other destination outside of the lower 48 states.

The original luggage rack and pop-top on all Eurovan Winnebago campers were not top quality, to say the least. If your pop-top is not cracked or warped, you are one of the lucky ones. Our GoWesty luggage racks, on the other hand, are far better quality than the original, and are quite precise from one part to the next, unlike the Winnebago product.

Our version was initially modeled from a brand new Winnebago part, then we made countless micro-adjustments in an attempt to improve the fit. These adjustments were based on physical surveys of numerous Winnebago built Eurovan Campers we had access to. Interestingly enough, all of them featured dimensional variances that were quite noticable to the naked eye. Despite our best efforts to deliver the best fitting luggage rack, the one you receive from us may not actually line up perfectly with your existing pop-top. If you are one of the many who no longer have a luggage rack, at all because it blew off and disintegrated (or was it the brackets that disintegrated first, then the rack blew off, then it disintegrated?), you probably never really noticed how poorly it lined up with your pop-top. But now that you are bolting on a brand new one - that cost a pretty penny to boot - it may be glaring!

What we are providing here is the market's one and only brand new luggage rack. How well it will line up with your existing, twenty-year-old pop top is not going to be perfect, and chances are the fit was nowhere near perfect when the vehicle was brand new, top to bottom. One thing we know for sure though: Our product is a heck of a lot nicer than the Winnebago part, and they don't even make them anymore. Good thing you have at least one option!

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