Transaxle Drain & Fill Plug Kit

Works With:1980-1995
Weight:0.0 lb
Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

The original fill and drain plugs on all manual transaxles have a 17mm internal hex (six-point allen head) feature that not only makes them inconvenient and unnecessarily difficult to get out/in, they tend to round out and then you are really screwed. This kit has everything you need to get them out for the last time and replace them with a set of GoWesty plugs that feature an external 19mm hex. Hello upgrade!

Fun fact: 
All Porsche transaxles come standard with 19mm external hex fill and drain plugs. Only reason VW chose to go internal that we can think of was to save about 2oz of material. Over 10,000,000 transaxles, I guess it adds up!

Our GoWesty drain/fill plugs feature a 1/8th internal pipe thread to add a temperature sensor or magnetic insert. We include one pipe plug to use on the filler plug (that you can swap out for a temperature sensor in the future if desired) and a magnetic insert for the drain plug, same as the original drain plug has.

Fits: All manual transaxles

Kit includes:• (2) Gear Oil Drain Plug & Fill Plug with External Hex and Threaded Port• (1) Magnetic Drain Plug Insert• (1) Transmission Drain/Fill Plug Tool 

    Gear Oil not included but required.

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