GoWesty Plate Steel Bumper Set [Vanagon]

Works With:1980-1991
Weight:160.0 lb
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Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Self-certified made in USA of U.S. and imported parts

PLEASE NOTE: Your bumpers will ship in 1-2 weeks due to order volume.

GoWesty bumpers are made with 12-gauge, continuously welded plate steel in an ultra-rigid boxed design. Considering how strong GoWesty bumpers are, the GoWesty rear bumper is actually relatively lightweight at only 60lbs including the built-in 2" receiver hitch. You won’t find a better strength-to-weight bumper anywhere, bar none.

We developed these bumpers to have minimal overhang in any direction to optimize ground clearance and reduce approach and departure angles. These features are especially important for off-highway environments.

This is the extra impact protection, functionality and new tough look for your Vanagon!

Set Includes:
• (1) GoWesty Plate Steel Front Bumper
• (1) GoWesty Plate Steel Rear Bumper w/Integrated 2" Receiver Hitch
• (1) Complete installation hardware and instructions

Now with a built-in 2" receiver hitch design!
Strong, 12 gauge steel
• Fully boxed construction for ultimate strength
• Durable black hammer semi-gloss wrinkle finish powder coat
• Simple bolt-on installation
• Hardware, mounting brackets, and detailed instructions included
• Fits all Vanagon models (2WD & 4WD) from 1980-1991
• Accepts GoWesty swing-away carriers and options: no holes to drill in your body to carry stuff on the back!
• Single Cab/Double-Cab (Sinka/Doka) compatible

Why buy GoWesty bumpers instead of our competitor's put-it-together-yourself "bumpers" that are so much less expensive to ship?
• GoWesty bumpers require no assembly. They arrive ready to bolt on... like a real bumper should!
• Our bumpers are ACTUALLY bumpers! They take a bump and keep on, um, bumping!
• There is simply no way a multi-piece, assemble-yourself bumper system can match the strength of a fully-welded bumper. No chance! 
• Our no-holds-barred bombproof bumpers deliver real-world protection for you and your van!
• If you think it's counterintuitive for a real bumper to be light-weight and easy to ship: You're absolutely correct! 
• Yes, it can be expensive to ship a GoWesty bumper set... but would you rather save on shipping or actually save your van? (And maybe your life!)

    If you own a single-cab or double-cab Vanagon this does have a license plate door cut-out which may or may not be to your liking. 

    Bike Carrier: Any bike carrier is A-OK to use with this hitch. However, the maximum, combined weight of whatever you put on the bike carrier decreases the further out the load is placed. So, the weight of the bikes is the limiting factor. Any two bikes weighing no more than 60# each, or any four bikes weighing no more than 30# each is A-OK. And always: Place the heaviest bikes as close to the bumper as possible.

    Other accessory/load carrying device: The weight you can carry decreases 5#/inch from the face of the bumper. Never use a load carrying accessory (like a tray, for example) where any part of the accessory hangs out more than 30" from the fact of the bumper, and always load it as close to the bumper as possible.

    Towing: Your tow ball insert must not place the two ball any further than 10" away from the face of the bumper. Maximum 200 lbs. We do not recommend using this hitch to tow more than 1500 lbs. Please read our article on towing before towing anything behind your Vanagon.

    Installation note for 1988-1991 Vanagon with fiberglass "big" bumpers:

    Installation of the front bumper requires the removal of several thin sheet metal riser tabs with a hacksaw or Sawzall. The rear bumper includes its own built in "arms" that take the place of the factory bumper mounts. Removing fiberglass bumpers will expose factory mounting holes in the body. 

    Bumper Installation Instructions

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