Radiator & Optional Install Bundle [Vanagon]

Works With:1983-1991
Manufacturer:GoWesty/Quality Aftermarket
5 Reviews
$262.75 - $345.30

Proposition 65: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Radiator and optional installation bundle. Make your selection in the drop-down menu.

Is your engine running a little hot? If your radiator is original, it may be the primary reason your cooling system isn't operating at peak efficiency. Grab yourself a fresh high-quality radiator, and even upgrade to one of the optional installation bundles to make the job even more convenient while saving a few bucks. 

• Radiator
• Radiator + Basic Install Bundle (includes Baffles and Rubber Mounting Pads)
• Radiator + Deluxe Install Bundle (includes Mounting Brackets, Baffles and Rubber Mounting Pads

Buyer beware: Not all Vanagon radiators are created equal! We searched far and wide and found a radiator that actually fits and works as it should. Our radiator is identical in construction to the German original, as opposed to some on the market that are made with a series of round tubes and a zillion o-rings between the round tubes and tanks. Our radiator has the correct mounting pin dimensions and shape, as well as a low-profile brass bleeder screw needed to clear the body—and has the necessary AC and baffle mounting provisions. This radiator fits and works: GoWesty guaranteed!

Pro tip: Use phosphate-free coolant and distilled water in your cooling system! And make sure to replace your baffles with you are at it!
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